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CercleS - De Gruyter webinar celebrates special LLHE issue
CercleS - De Gruyter webinar celebrates special LLHE issue
20 IV 2021, 14:32:00

On Friday 16 April, CercleS hosted a webinar celebrating CercleS' 30 years of professional activity in the field of language learning and teaching.
The webinar focused on the Special Issue 10.2 (2021) of our journal, Language Learning in Higher Education.
We selected 4 articles from this issue based on their variety in terms of topics and geographical location, and conducted short interviews with these authors about their articles.
A recording of the webinar is available on our website at LLHE Journal- CERCLES.

CercleS-De Gruyter Webinar programme.pdf
CercleS-De Gruyter Webinar programme
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LLHE webinar flyer
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We are committed to promote state of the art language teaching and learning, as well as research
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