Learn Dutch through the first foreign LMOOC on FutureLearn

When the University of Groningen became the first partner in the Netherlands to join the British MOOC platform, FutureLearn, back in 2014, we barely knew about the existence of LMOOCs. A year later, we are proud to announce the third edition of our popular online course ‘Introduction to Dutch’, which[...]

Memorandum of Agreement between CercleS and Eaquals

Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between CercleS and EAQUALS

The European seminar “New challenges for Language Centres: towards mutual recognition of qualification” that took place at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in March, was a particularly significant moment to sign a memorandum of agreement between CercleS and Eaquals. Richard Rossner, Chair of Eaquals, had attended the CercleS Conference in[...]

Language Rich Europe (LRE)

Language Rich Europe (LRE)

Language Rich Europe is a networking project which brings together 1200 policy makers and practitioners from 24 countries and regions in Europe to discuss and develop better policies and practices for multilingualism. Network members are drawn from the fields of education, business, public services and the[...]


 Assessment and evaluation in CLIL

The main cornerstone of the AECLIL Project consists in observing the impact of the various applications of CLIL methodology, with particular attention to the acquisition of general skills, disciplinary knowledge and competences.The Project aims, also, at the evaluation of personal enhancement in creativity and the[...]


Languages in Urban Communities – Integration and Diversity for Europe.

LUCIDE is a network which is developing ideas about how to manage multilingual citizen communities.

For further information, please see this leaflet or visit their Website: http://www.urbanlanguages.eu/

 European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education