Memorandum of Agreement between CercleS and Eaquals
5 V 2015, 21:18:11

Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between CercleS and EAQUALS

The European seminar “New challenges for Language Centres: towards mutual recognition of qualification” that took place at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia in March, was a particularly significant moment to sign a memorandum of agreement between CercleS and Eaquals. Richard Rossner, Chair of Eaquals, had attended the CercleS Conference in Fribourg in September 2014, and approached the CercleS Board regarding ways of mutual collaboration.

Eaquals is interested in creating links with CercleS with a view to establishing areas of common interest and research. As you can see from its website (, its aim is to promote and guarantee high quality in language teaching and learning and provide an international forum for the exchange and development of expertise in the field of language education, and to develop resources that will support the development of quality in all aspects of language teaching and training. It is an independent accreditation body and, like CercleS, it contributes to the Council of Europe projects.

In the photo to mark the occasion, Gillian Mansfield signs the memorandum, witnessed by Sarah Aitken, Executive Director of Eaquals and CercleS Executive members Raija Elsinen and Liliana Dorna.

We look forward in the next few months to exploring ways of cementing our relationship with Eaquals.

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