Cercles offers distance teaching cooperation and support
Cercles offers distance teaching cooperation and support
1 VI 2020, 06:51:00

Distance teaching has become a significant part of trying to adjust to the current Covid-19 situation. If you would like to share best practices, links, materials, tips and recommendations, or if you would like to ask for advice, please send an email to, or if you are on Twitter, tag @_CercleS in your tweets, and we can help one another in this way. If you would like to post your tweet as a CercleS tweet, please, contact David Tual at , who will post it.

At the links below you can find some tips and resources for distance teaching and remote learning. Please feel free to share these with your colleagues.

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Place of Study: Online!
Language: Russian/English
Duration: 1–4 weeks (July 1-28, 2020)
Outcome: 1 week – 2 ECTS, ITMO official certificate
Deadline: June 10, 2020
Fees: 5,600 RUB (~70 euro) per week
From July 1 to July 28, 2020, ITMO provides you with an opportunity to build up your individual online school based on your own interests and level of Russian language proficiency. Students can choose up to 4 modules on offer and assemble a unique set of summer courses.

Independent modules are aimed at students with any level of Russian language proficiency and pursuing various goals in their education.

For students interested in Russian culture, ITMO offers intensive and interactive modules in Russian Literature, History, Cinema and Contemporary Theatre.

Intensive lessons include vocabulary, grammar, spoken Russian, as well as the main course in the Russian language modules.

For those willing to learn Russian for specific purposes, the following courses are available: Russian in Media, Russian Politics and Tourism.

ITMO also offers a TORFL preparation course with intensive daily classes.

Students are welcome to opt for a Corrective Course, which aims to cover the students’ gaps in knowledge of the Russian language in their chosen topics.
The benefits of online education are numerous:
• the training of all skills simultaneously (the communicative method is used)
• saving on teaching material (everything needed for the lessons, including audio and video files, is sent to the students beforehand)
• a good value of money (lessons are taught by experienced teachers with a Master/Doctoral degree)
• upon completion of the course, the students will receive an official ITMO certificate, etc.
The cultural side of the experience will be rich too! As ITMO University is in collaboration with the best theatres and museums of St.Petersburg, it will offer its summer school students many interactive and unique VR tours, performances, ballet and other exciting events!
For any organisational questions, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Rassonlenko:
For questions about the content of the courses, Julia Sutugieniene will be happy to help:

More information:

Summer School in the Russian Language and Culture.pdf
Summer School in the Russian Language and Culture
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