Welcome to the Finelc 2digi website
Welcome to the Finelc 2digi website
20 IX 2018, 08:53:00

Welcome to the launch of the 2digi project: digital resources for language teachers

Dear colleagues

Our 2digi team has been working hard since March 2017 to bring you help and advice for the digitalization of language teaching. This is still a work in progress, but we can now offer you a variety of resources to enrich your working practice. We hope you enjoy using them! Below you can find a short explanation of our project, and attached guidelines on how to use and get the best out of our site.

with very best wishes

Mike and all the 2digi team

2digi is a two-year project created after seeing a need in Finnish language centres to assist language teachers in their transition from an analogue world to a digital one. We wanted to focus on how this transition can be managed pedagogically and offer teachers concrete help for themselves and their students.

The project is divided into three stages:

Stage One focuses on providing teachers with background knowledge they need: what is digital literacy in a language centre environment? What added value does a digital approach give? How can we evaluate as teachers our present skill level in digital matters? This stage is now ready.

Stage Two creates two parallel frameworks to guide teachers and students to see where they are in terms of their digital skills for their teaching both in and outside the classroom. The student self-evaluation tool is now available in beta format for you to try out with your students. We are happy to receive feedback on this.

Stage Three will offer more concrete help for teachers by suggesting learning outcomes (what students are expected to learn), designing learning activities (what students are expected to do to meet the learning outcomes assessment) and considering feedback (what is being assessed, how and by whom; what kind of feedback is given, how and by whom) in a digital environment.

Finally, we aim to leave a lasting legacy of our work via this 2digi website for teachers and students to access and use.


Dr Mike Nelson


University of Turku Centre for Language and Communication Studies

We look forward to working together with all those who have the same
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