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MA in TESOL (Full-Time / Part-Time)

The MA in TESOL is aimed at experienced TESOL teachers.

The programme is designed to provide teachers with practical knowledge and skills they can immediately apply to their teachingpractice. Students will see a difference in how they approach their teaching and in the value they give to their students. Most importantly, our programme works around typical language school timetables, which means students have the opportunity to continue teaching full time while undertaking the TESOL course.

Through the programme students will develop best practice through engagement with state-of-the art research and acquire a familiarity with technological advances related to the field. Graduates from the programme are well positioned to take up employment as specialist teachers and/or academic managers, contributing significantly to teacher development and the design of teaching materials.

The programme emphasises the importance of research-informed practice, critical reflection, autonomous learning and the translation of theory into practice. Our TESOL team will also foster collaboration with local and international experts in the field to ensure that students can network, share best practices and contribute to the growing professionalisation of the TESOL field.

UCD MA Grad Dip TESOL poster 2018-19.pdf
UCD MA Grad Dip TESOL poster 2018-19
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UCD MA Grad Dip TESOL brochure 2018-19.pdf
UCD MA Grad Dip TESOL brochure 2018-19
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UCD TESOL short description.pdf
UCD TESOL short description
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