Focus Group on Autonomy workshop in Nancy (June 8th)
Focus Group on Autonomy workshop in Nancy (June 8th)
22 V 2017, 10:19:00

Dear friends and colleagues,

I′m sure you will be pleased to know that, thanks to you, the answers to the questionnaire have now reached 39!

The results will thus be presented and discussed during our next meeting in June where each of you present will be given the opportunity to explain the type of schemes/ courses implying learner autonomy you experiment at your language centre.

In order for us to organize our workshop in NANCY on JUNE 8TH 2017, which will take place from 09:30 UNTIL 16:30 IN ROOM J 110 of Building J of the Human Sciences and Literature Campus of our university (see map), we would like you to please indicate whether you will be present in the following Doodle :

In order for those of you who cannot attend the meeting to keep informed, the minutes of the meeting will of course be placed in the Cercles website area for the focus groups documents.

Looking forward to meeting you in Nancy

Best regards

PS: I also attached to this message a document with some information as to how to reach Nancy.

Map campus.pdf
Map campus.pdf
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Gettin to Nancy.pdf
Gettin to Nancy.pdf
334 KB | Download

Please feel free to circulate the message to any colleague interested.

Dr A. Chateau
MCF Anglais - Directrice de l′UFR LANSAD

We look forward to working together with all those who have the same
Language Education interests and concerns as we do.
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