NULTE Memorandum

On September 7th, 2018 MEMORANDUM OF COOPERATION between ACERT (PL), CertAcles (ES), CLES (FR), UNIcert® (DE), UNIcert®LUCE (SK/CZ), UNILANG (GB/IE) was signed at XV Cercles Conference in Poznań.

The Parties declared to establish a Network of University Language Testers in Europe (NULTE) under the umbrella of CercleS. The aim of the network is to enhance the quality of foreign language teaching and assessment in the context of higher education by developing standards in language assessment and qualifications recognition.

The memorandum was signed by Kinga Studzińska-Pasieka (President of SERMO), Cristina Pérez Guillot (President of ACLES), Yves Bardière (Scientific Director of the CLES), Johann Fischer (Chair of UNIcert® Committee), Helena Šajgalíková (Chair of UNIcert®LUCE, John Morley (President of AULC) and Liliana Szczuka-Dorna (President of CercleS). 

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