Past Focus Groups

FG Associate members

So far, Associate Members have not played a central role in CercleS and do not always feel they are a part of our confederation at the same level as full members. In some cases they are not in a position to create a National Association. With this focus group we would like to invite Associate Members to become more active in CercleS by discussing their specific problems, their needs and their potential, sharing with us their experience and competencies.

FG coordinator and contact person: to be nominated

FG Language Policy

This focus group covers a wide variety of themes and leaves room for various activities and initiatives. The group may discuss and analyse the following questions:
What language policies have universities in Europe adopted so far? What form should or could a suitable university language policy take?
Is there a need for language centres to have a language policy? Do the individual National Associations have their own clearly defined language policy?
  • What language policy should CercleS adopt?
  • How can we contribute to creating plurilingualism within CercleS and at CercleS events in order to reach our members that are not confident in English? How can we convey information across the different languages?
  • How can languages become a bridge rather than a barrier within CercleS?
FG coordinator and contact person: Dr. Regina Mügge -

FG Less Widely Spoken and Less Widely Taught Languages

English plays a key role in our everyday work: in many language centres. It constitutes the highest number of language courses and presents the highest demand among students, as well as being the most used language in international co-operation. However, other major European languages also play an important part in serving different needs. Likewise, language centres have a key role in the teaching of languages that are not widely taught at secondary level: Eastern European, Asian languages as well as heritage languages are becoming more popular and are being taught more frequently in many university language centres. This focus group will analyse the potential of teaching these languages and look into similarities and differences concerning their role and status in language centres.

FG coordinator and contact person: Marta Genís -

We look forward to working together with all those who have the same
Language Education interests and concerns as we do.
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