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Wulkow Memorandum - 12.04.2017

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Wulkow Memorandum.pdf
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The Multilingual City review - 19.07.2016

The Multilingual City – Vitality, Conflict and Change(edited by Lid King and Lorna Carson) Multilingual Matters 2016

Review by Gillian Mansfield
CercleS participated in the LUCIDE (Languages in Urban Communities – Integration and Diversity for Europe) consortium as an Associate partner and disseminator, so it is only appropriate that a review of the resulting publication, The Multilingual City, should come from us and be posted on our website. The LUCIDE project is an outcome of the LETPP project (Languages in Europe, Theory Policy Practice) funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme in 2010. Read the full review here.

The Multilingual City review.pdf
The Multilingual City review
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Language Learning in Higher Education Issue 1- 29.12.2013

Newly founded journal of CercleS. Dedicated to disseminating the best results of research activities carried out at language centres and higher education departments. All articles subjected to double-blind peer review process.

Language Learning in Higher Education deals with the most relevant aspects of language acquisition at university. The CercleS journal presents the outcomes of research on language teaching, blended learning and autonomous learning, language assessment as well as aspects of professional development, quality assurance and university language policy. Its aim is to increase the quality of language teaching and learning programmes offered by university language centers and other providers in higher education by presenting new models and by disseminating the best results of research activities carried out at language centers and in other higher education departments.

Bulletin 27

Bulletin 27 is now available and has been posted to all members. Amongst many other interesting topics, the issue includes articles on CercleS Focus Groups, the ELP workshops at the Seville at the Seville conference, the 11th International CercleS Conference Call for papers and the Wulkow Memorandum.

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